I think it’s important to get involved.
Willow is a humble and caring girl who is not afraid to stand up and make a difference. She has helped to clean up a damaged forest, helped victims of the Moore tornado in 2013, packed boxes of food for homeless families at the Manna Foodbank, joined an anti-bullying campaign, shared a reason to smile to help provide free medical surgeries for children, gave 26 random acts of kindness in honor of the children lost in the Newtown shooting, and more.. You can find out more about the charities and organizations Willow supports below as well as learn how you can help. We have also listed some of the special community work she participated in own her own time without a specific organization.

STOMP Out Bullyingstomp out bullying
…is a national organization which helps children and teenagers to deal with different types of bullying. Willow joined in 2011 and got to design her very own tee for the Blue Shirt Day on 10/03/2011, the world day of bullying prevention. Every day around 160,000 students in the USA are afraid to go to school or don’t go to school at all. Bullying can lead to depression and even suicide. If you would like to help like Willow did, you can visit STOMP Out Bullyings website and learn how you can make a difference.

Operation Smileoperation smile…is a international medical charity which heals children born with cleft conditions. Those can lead to difficulties with eating or drinking. Willow helped by posting a picture of herself eating Dreyer’s ice-cream on Facebook as a part of the companys’ A Reason To Smile campaign. For every picture that gets posted, they donate 5$ to Operation Smile. They believe that every child has a right to smile. You can help, too! Share a reason to smile on Dreyer’s Facebook or visit Operation Smile’s website to learn more about the charity itself.

Delete Digital Dramadelete…is a campaign launched by Seventeen Magazine to raise awareness on cyberbullying, it’s effects, and how to put an end to it. Willow is one of the several celebrities who joined the cause to end cyberbullying for good. You can purchase your own “Delete” shirt at JC Penny’s, all proceeds will go to Stomp Out Bullying, another anti-bully cause Willow is involved with. Read more on Delete Digital Drama here and remember- every step counts.

The Thirst Project…is a non-profit organization which aims to bring safe drinking water to countries all across the world. Water contamination related diseases kill more than 2.2 billion people per year, and a donation of just 25 dollars can give a person clean drinking water for the rest of their life. Click here to watch a video of Willow talking about this wonderful organization and visit their website at