Interview with Willow

Our site got the amazing opportunity to do an interview with miss Willow Shields herself! Willow has been super busy these past few months so we are beyond thankful that we got the chance to chat with her! Willow talks Catching Fire, Mockingjay, dancing, charity, and more!

IW: You can act, you love to dance, and you are great with art and photography. Are there any other skills or hobbies you would like to tackle?
Willow: I do a little dancing and gymnastics. I would love to have the time to get better at both of those. Sometimes, when I am shooting or traveling I miss a lot of my lessons, so then I fall behind in classes. I would love to be able to pursue these more.

With Mockingjay filming coming up, is there a certain scene you’re excited or nervous to shoot?
Willow: Well, there is definitely one scene that I am excited AND nervous about. Won’t say which, in case someone reading this has not read all the books. But, I am pretty sure everyone else knows what scene I mean.

The Hunger Games has so many important messages and themes in it, what stands out to you the most about the story?
Willow: Biggest message for me has always been family and how important those ties are. Do whatever is necessary to protect your family and the ones you love.

Prim was only 12 when Katniss went into the games, can you imagine what it must have been like for her to watch her sister in the arena?
Willow: I can’t really imagine what it was like for Prim to watch her sister in the games. I can only imagine that Prim was forever changed by it. I don’t think you can watch something like that and not be.

You have gotten to travel a lot for your work, is there a place you have not been that you would like to visit?

Willow: I would love to travel the whole world. But right now, I kind of want to take a trip through Europe. I just got to go to London, for the Catching Fire premiere, and it made me want to travel around there more.

Tundrakatiebean: How has your age affected your career?
Willow: I think when you are young, a lot of parts are small. You play the kid in the family, the little sister. It’s hard to find really interesting roles. Luckily, Prim was a really interesting character.

Dreamofactress: What’s your favorite go-to hairstyle?

Willow: My favorite go to hairstyle would have to be down and naturally wavy or up in a messy bun.

LetsEndTT: Willow, are there any other charities besides Operation Smile & STOMP Out Bullying you support?
Willow: I am also involved with The Thirst Project, which helps bring safe drinking water into communities by building wells. I also try and do volunteer work closer to home, in shelters.