Willow’s 2015 Birthday Project

Willow Shields 15 Birthday Project
Willow’s birthday is in one a month (June 1st) and we wanted to get a head start on the birthday project this year! For the past two years we have created birthday videos filled with submissions from fans all across the world. Willow has absolutely loved them! Here are the links to previous projects: 2012, 2013, and 2014. Want to join in on the project? You can also join the birthday project for Willow’s twin sister Autumn Shields on Autumn Rain. Read the rules and how to submit below!

1. Record yourself wishing Willow a very happy birthday!
2. Make a fan video for Willow.
3. Take a picture of yourself holding a sign telling Willow happy birthday!
4. Make a fan-made graphic/edit.
5. Type out a sweet message for Willow to read!
6. Any other ideas? Go ahead!

1. You may submit pictures, videos, or a typed message.
2. Videos must be no longer than 20 seconds.
3. If you would like to include a fan-made graphic, it is recommended you use the dimensions 1280px wide and 720px tall. You do not have to use these dimensions but it will give the best view in the video!
4. Only appropriate entries will make it into the final project.
5. All entries are due May 27th.
6. You may enter no more than 2 things.

Please copy and paste this form and include it in an email to [email protected].
Link to your video/picture/ect:

Thank you all and Jamie and I can’t WAIT to see all the fun entries for the project this year! Be sure to visit Autumn Rain to enter Autumn’s birthday project! Don’t forget all entries are due by the 27th of May and Willow’s birthday will be on June 1st.