Dancing With The Stars: Week 3

Go #TeamMarkingjay! Willow and Mark danced the pasodoble for Latin Night on Dancing With The Stars and once again, they rocked it! Even after a rough few days of rehearsal, Willow overcame her injuries and brought her all on the dance floor. Willow and Mark were one of the highest scoring couples of the night once again with 4 8’s! We are so excited for them! I will be adding photos, video, ect here as they become available. To watch the full episode click here. You do have to verify to watch right now but next week you can watch even if you don’t have cable/ABC. Remember to VOTE! Without your help, Willow and Mark won’t be able to stay on the show. Click HERE to find out when, where, and how to vote. PS: Week 4 will be a special one for this site. Stay tuned, exciting things on the horizon!