Fan convention & OZ Comic Con!

Time for part two of the update! A few days ago it was announced that there will be a Hunger Games fan convention in Chicago this June! Willow is going to be there to meet fans and sign autographs. If you live near Chicago and are a Hunger Games fan, you should definitely attend if you can. You can buy tickets and find more information here.

The first Hunger Games fan convention is scheduled for June 23-24 in Chicago. Actors already scheduled to appear including Willow Shields (Prim), Amandla Stenberg (Rue), Jackie Emerson (Foxface), and Dayo Okeniyi (Thresh). []

And if that wasn’t enough excitement already, Willow is going to travel overseas, all the way to Australia, to attend the Oz Comic-Con in Melbourne! To all those aussie Hunger Games fans out there: This is a event you shouldn’t miss! However if you cannot attend and would like to have autographs from Willow and her castmates, you will need to fill out an absentee pack(available two weeks before the event). You can buy tickets and find more information on the event here.

The Oz Comic-Con line-up for Melbourne includes stars Leven Rambin, Willow Shields and Dayo Okeniyi and takes place on Saturday the 30th of June and Sunday the 1st of July 2012. []

We are so excited and cannot wait to see pictures and articles from the event!