Gallery Update!

Hi everyone! Today we have lots of pictures to share with you that have been missing in our gallery. First off, Lionsgate released an absolutely BEAUTIFUL new headshot of Willow! The headshot is a part of the Catching Fire Cast app on Facebook, where each character/cast member has their very own little biography including a headshot. We’ve added that to the gallery, as well as a picture of Jack, Alexander, Dayo, Amandla and Willow herself for Entertainment Weekly. It has such a powerful message, as it pictures Prim and the fallen tributes! Next we have a picture of Willow at Fiesta Flambeau and one of Willow at the Kids’ Choice Awards Gift Lounge. Check them out below!

We’ve also uploaded 9 pictures we found on Instagram! Some of them are from Willow’s own Instagram and some of them are from fans. As you may know our girl loves Instagram and regularly posts pictures, so make sure to follow her. Her only official account is willowshields.