Girls Life Magazine

I am crazy excited about this update! As you probably know, Willow is the December/January cover girl for Girls Life Magazine! The special holiday edition goes on sale on November 19th, but some stores already have copies out ready for you to buy! I was lucky enough to find a copy so I scanned it for you guys and added the pictures to the site! Sadly, I don’t have the best scanner in the world so the quality isn’t all too great but once better quality scans are released, I will add those, too!

Girls Life also released a behind the scenes video of Willow at their shoot! Which, as you can probably guess, is absolutely ADORABLE! The photography was done by Dean Foreman and I really hope we get to see more pics soon because this shoot is awesome!

Lastly, if you already aren’t completely in love with Girls Life, they are actually giving away a signed copy of Willow’s cover issue! Just share the following graphic on twitter, Instagram, or Facebook with the hashtag #GLwillow. Or you can ask a question when Willow takes over their Facebook page for a live chat next Wednesday for an automatic entry!