Grand re-opening!

Hey everyone! Welcome back to our new and improved site! Both of us, Laura and I, have been working hard behind the scenes. As you probably already noticed, we have a new site name. The site is no longer Willow Shields Online, it is now Introducing Willow! We thought that the site should have a more original name. By the way, from tomorrow on you can visit our site over the domain and/or! Also, the site has gotten a complete make-over. The new layout was made by our lovely friend Katie. Thanks Katie, we just love it! Tell us what you think about it in the chatbox or leave a comment on this post!
Anyways, we’ve also got new pictures to share with you. We have added 6 GORGEOUS pictures of Willow visiting Cambio to the gallery. Thanks to Natalia for sending them to us!

By the way, The Hunger Games is going to be released nationwide tomorrow! Willow is attending the midnight premiere in her hometown, are you?!