Sea World and more videos!

Wow! We have had a lot of updates in the past few days! But I’m really glad about that because it seems Willow is having an awesome summer! We have two photos of Willow at Sea World in San Diego. Her and Amandla went after Comic Con and got to hang out with the dolphins!

There’s also some new videos from the weekend to share! There’s one with SiriusXM where her and the cast talk about Catching Fire and how they got their roles! So cool! Did you know they may shoot the arena scenes of Catching Fire in Hawaii?

Willow and Amandla also did an interview with clevverTV! They joke a lot and reveal whether they’re on Team Peeta or Team Gale. What do you think Willow’s answer was?

The cast also did an interview with Entertainment Weekly where Willow talks about Catching Fire and Prim’s character. The video stream is currently not working but click here to see if it will work for you. I will embed the video when it works right for me. Thanks for being active with us through Comic Con! Such a fun time!