The Hunger Games fan convention and much more!

Hi everyone, Jamie here! Sorry for the lack of updates, the three of us have been a bit busy lately. Today we have some really fun pictures to share with you guys. Are you ready?!
Back when Willow was in San Antonio, she was lucky enough to have makeup artist Alyssa Garcia taking care of her styling! Thanks to Alyssa Garcia herself, we have 11 pictures of Willow and Alyssa spending some time together and getting ready for the parade.

We also have a bunch of super CUTE pictures Willow posted on her Instagram! She even posted a few pictures of her and her sister Autumn, having a great time in Chicago! They rented bikes, went to a lake and to Wrigley Field to watch a baseball match, how cool! Check them out below.

And last but not least, we have 9 pictures of Willow at the Hunger Games fan convention in Chicago(thanks to! Our girl looks so stylish in her blue jumpsuit! She certainly has grown a lot, hasn’t she?! Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we do!