Willow’s DWTS Blog: “Hungry For The Mirrorball”

Willow will be joining Access Hollywood as their celebrity blogger for season 20 of Dancing With The Stars. Her first blog post is out now on their website. Willow talks about why she decided to do the show and how tough it was keeping it a secret from her friends/family for so long. We can’t wait to read more!

OK, so the headlines are out. By now you probably realize I’m going to be on “Dancing with the Stars” this year, their 10th year anniversary! It’s been only a couple weeks since the show approached me to see if I would be interested in dancing on the show. When they first asked me, I thought I was being punked. Then I thought to myself. . .maybe it’s not so crazy; this could be fun. I’ve always loved to dance and took some ballet classes and gymnastic classes when I was very young just like all the other kids in the neighborhood, BUT I’m not a dancer, I’m an actor. Don’t believe me? Google ‘Willow Shields dancing’—yep, no results. Is this something I really want to get myself into? Is this something I can even do? Are you wondering what my parents thought? Well, they pretty much said, “The only way you’re going to do this is if YOU want to do it.” Hmm. . .I had bookmarked a really cool dance camp on my laptop hoping I could spend a week in Chicago learning some serious dancing someday, but maybe this is even better? Maybe a LOT better! I’m gonna do it!
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