Beauty and the Starlets Interview!

Hello everyone- Willow recently did an interview with Beauty and the Starlets where she talks about all things style and glam. Be sure to check it out. Willow talks about her favorite makeup and hairstyles, even her favorite actresses!

Speaking of glamour, it was a pretty big 2012 for you and 2013 is going to be even bigger! I’m sure you’re having a blast going to red carpet events and doing photoshoots. What’s your favorite part about these things?
I really like looking at all of the clothes by so many different designers. They are artists and I get to try on and sometimes wear their artwork!

What is your favorite part about the makeup and hair process while getting ready for events or a photoshoot?
I love finding out new makeup and hair tips from people who know a lot more about it than I do! I learn something new each time!

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