New Hunger Games stills & more!

Hey everyone, it’s almost friday! Today we have bits and pieces to share, I’m going to devide it into two posts to make sure it’s clear. Here we go!
Thanks to Deanne, we have 2 HQ pictures of Willow at the KCA’s! We’ve had these before but not in such a great quality, so thanks to her for sending them to us. We were lucky and found another picture of Willow which was shot by her dad. It had been released in a magazine before, but we have it in HQ so we’ve uploaded that to the gallery. I adore this shoot, I wish we had more pictures from it! Anyways, we also have a scan of Willow and her Hunger Games castmate Alexander Ludwig featured in the May issue of Pixie Magazine. And that is right on cue, now it’s time for some Hunger Games news! We have a new picture of Willow from the official movie companion. The picture shows Willow on set, all dressed up and ready to film! It’s great to see her doing her best, isn’t it?! But that isn’t all we have for you: We’ve added 7 new stills from the movie! I personally think they are heartbreaking, Willow did a fantastic job! There are probably more stills, so if you spot any please let us know so we can add them to the gallery!