The Haunting Hour, interview & new pictures!

Hey guys, I’m so excited about this update. We have lots of stuff to share with you today! First off, our girl booked a new role, how exciting! Congratulations, Willow! She is going to guest-star in an episode of the upcoming third season of The Hub’s spooky anthology series, R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour. Willow will be portraying a young girl named Eve, who has always felt like an outsider. That feeling becomes more intense after her younger brother is born. After meeting a woodland faerie who reveals her true lineage, Eve will have to decide whether she’ll sacrifice her brother for a new life and family. We cannot wait to see her episode! Now some news on The Hunger Games. Willow was recently interviewed by Celebuzz. She talks about her role and much more. Watch it below.

In other news, we also have a few pictures to share with you. We have added 2 pictures of Willow attending the midnight premiere of The Hunger Games in her hometown! We’ve also got 2 new absolutely gorgeous photoshoot pictures. We just love them, so go and check them out below!