The Haunting Hour New Clip/Interview!

Hollywood Crush recently got to interview Willow on her The Haunting Hour episode. They asked her about her character, if anything creepy happend on set and much more! Along with the article, they released a new promotional still and an exclusive clip from Willow’s episode! You can read the interview below as well as watch the clip. In the clip, Eve finds out that she’s a fairy – we can’t wait to see the full episode on saturday!

What can you tell us about your character in the “Intruders,” the episode you starred in?
I play a girl named Eve, who is upset about her new baby brother and all the attention he is getting. Eve feels angry a lot of the time, until she meets someone who offers her the chance at a different life. Eve has to make some very hard choices.

What was the audition process like?
I didn’t audition for the part! The role was offered to me, and I was so excited to be a part of “The Haunting Hour.” It is such a cool show and it was so much fun shooting the “Intruders.”

What goes into filming a show like this? Did anything creepy happen on set?
It was really fun filming on set and everyone was really nice. I loved going to Vancouver. While working, I did my schoolwork in the attic of this house we were shooting in. It was kind of scary up there with creaking floors and all! That was probably the scariest part for me. I think attics are terrifying anyways, but to be shooting “The Haunting Hour” of all things, and doing my work there, that was scary!

Have you seen “The Haunting Hour” yet (or the “Intruders” specifically)? Is it terrifying? (Are we going to have to watch it through our fingers?)
I have seen every episode of “The Haunting Hour.” I think! But I have not seen my own yet. I will be watching it with everyone else when it comes on! The “Intruders” is really more like a psychological thriller. It is a pretty intense episode with some interesting twists. I think it is scary because of how so many kids can feel like Eve at some point, and what could happen when you feel that angry.

Do you have a favorite horror story or scary movie?
“Poltergeist” terrifies me! When the little girl Carol Anne is talking to the TV, I get shivers every time.

What’s the scariest thing that’s ever happened to you?
Besides being lost in Costco when I was four, I have mostly been terrified of listening to scary stories around a campfire. We camp a lot as a family, and at night my dad would try and tell us scary stories. This made eating s’mores difficult. The story would start with something like…and the old man who lived in these woods…I would then run back into the camper terrified.

Source: Hollywood Crush